Words Darker than Their Wings

~ του Γιώργου Δόντσου ~

Αποτέλεσμα εικόνας για literature

And stuffed men had their way;

God-fearing men,nonetheless.

A moon of death arose and instilled horror, so that

We protect ourselves and others,

But Pericles did die an unjust death;

He let his soul fly over the city’s long walls

And left us here to die in a city of no walls.

What did we accomplish?

Where does this terror lead the hearts of men?

And hollow men had their way;

A threshold of a threshold Into the dawn of nothingness,

Of fear inane,of mediocre postures,

Signifying bad postmodernism;

Lord,have mercy upon our souls,

For we have wandered in days of cough,days of fever,

Days of selling out our pride to killers.

And empty men had their way;

Boasting,pleading for what’s to come,

A chance to die from heart attack

On a plane to safety.

The rose garden is dry

With rosaries replaced;

The streets are empty and vulgar,

Non eloquent;

Mistah Kurtz-he dead.


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