Four Derailments

~του Γιώργου Δόντσου~

«Μερικές φορές,χρειάζεται να καταφύγει κάποιος σε μια ξένη γλώσσα ή σε ένα αφιλόξενο μέρος,για να επιτευχθεί ακριβώς εκείνου του είδους η ανοικείωση, που θα κάνει την οπτική του πάλι οικεία»



To stand in a place of woe,

To colonise life’s failure,

To become one with the fiend,

There’s a need to whisper,

There’s a need to forfeit,

And a bended knee;

Weight of burdens inhumane,

It will never again feel the same

After the sun sets inane,

A map forever stained;

Factories producing factories,

People producing people.

The certain value

Of absolute vacuity;

A fear of not finding ground

To stand in place of woe,

To colonise life’s failure,

To become one with the fiend.

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II. Lord do thee ever provide us with safe passage?

For the wait is long and dark

And this cold, naked stark

Walk, to cure the damage.

Down to the valley

Where heroes are bored,

I made my fragile stand

And waited for them to care;

Say something!

For my life I’ve wasted,

Scrutiny over gold;

Say something!

For my eyes are blinded

And home is just a notion;

Dead heroes and noble spirits

Under this sun,

Are no more

Than middle aged people

Taking their afternoon nap.

III. I sat by the river, to rest my weary bones

And the river didn’t offer rest nor comfort

And my voice was unheard;

Strange that One must be loud these days

And rivers aren’t our friends anymore. I entered the forest

And the forest was changed,

Thrushes speaking in tongues obscene,

Daffodils without a care in the world,

The forest took no interest in me;

I climbed the mountain

And heard the bears, the wolves, the foxes

The eagles, the rabbits, the snakes, Laughing at my disgrace.

I didn’t think of visiting the sea,

For the irony would be too much to handle;

So I took down the highway, Iron and carbon

To find some solace in creatures

With the likes of me.


As they watch us all, all play dead;

I’ll sleep in this quiet room

Where no one sees, I’ll play dead;

Sons of mothers

Yet all are others.

And finally the epiphany

Of faded will;

I went out

And saw this beautiful young woman

“Excuse me madam, do you have the time?”

“Please don’t waste mine”

And walked away;

Malice, oh malice, these people

Only know malice,

But reaching out for their hand

Do you think you’d shake your own?

How much more effort

To build our private hells?

I walked a fair amount of time

To get out of Carthage

And when I breathed air

Without fuel, Having covered the territory of God, I knew

That precious mercy can be found

Only in celestial light

Or in lightbulbs;

Depends on the perspective

And the price you’re willing to pay;

And I paid,

Now staring At a lightbulb sun;

A Greek Writing English poems.


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